VelCube 3D Velocity (GOM) Database

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VelCube3 is a 3D velocity database covering the Gulf of Mexico Continental Shelf. The database consists of a series of velocity layers beginning at 200 milliseconds, and incrementing in 100 millisecond steps down to 13000 milliseconds. Each layer consists of a series of 0.5 x 0.5 mile grid nodes. VelCube was created using over 11,000 check-shot surveys and compaction rate predictor locations. Independant tests have shown VelCube to be the most accurate earth velocity model available today.

VelCube makes it easy to...

  • Convert a series of Time Horizons to depth
  • Extract a Pseudo Check Shot from any location within the VelCube Database.
  • Create a Time-Depth Chart for the extracted CheckShot
  • Convert a series of Depth Horizons to Time
  • Compute Interval Velocity between horizons
  • Create a SEGY image file based on velocity
  • Model Velocity

For any database to be productive, you need easy access. Using our Velocity Database Extraction Program (VDBX), you have an easy-to-use set of tools that allows you to make full use of the VelCube database. The VelCube 3D database comes with VDBX and is available in UNIX, using an OSF/Motif interface, LINUX, or MS Windows for PC users.

Call or write us today and we will be glad to send your company more detailed information on VelCube or make an appointment for a personal demonstration or comparative test.