What's New

Our QuickLook tools are back!

The QuickLook tools are geophysical calculators that are used to assist in the fine tuning of your interpretation.

New UWI Search: enter at least the first 5 digits of the API and the website provides a listing of our released surveys that start with those digits.

Our newly re-built website features:

The new Google Map Search displays a maximum of 500 surveys that fall within the mapped region. Simply navigate to the area of interest and click the "Search this Area" button.

The NEW VelComp software can now be downloaded in a DEMO version or can be annually licensed concurrently with a Library Card.

VelSys is now available for licensing!

VelSys is our over-the-internet database system that puts our VelComp velocity editing software, scanned images of the original survey pages and digital las of the checkshot data on your desktop.

To view an online demo with sample data, click here.

For further information regarding our products and services, feel free to contact us at:

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